The "isotopomics" approach makes it possible to use isotopic profiling to characterize many physical, chemical and biological processes, thus enhancing their understanding. A wide range of areas is covered, including the monitoring of material cycles in the solar system, the atmosphere, the oceans, the terrestrial environment, the biosphere, metabolism, and health. A need for improved training, exchanges and development of improved interactions is recognized. This event is a unique opportunity to organize during the same week 3 events that meet these needs:

  • the scientific day of the interregional CORSAIRE platform
  • the Young Scientists' Days of the SFIS (French Society of Isotopes)
  • the international workshop INTRA.


9 October: The CORSAIRE scientific day

As a result of the project PLAISIR, financed by the Region 'Pays de la Loire' within its strategy of improving international contacts, the Group EBSI of the Research Unit CEISAM (University of Nantes) has put in place a multi-site analytical platform 'Isotopomics' with the partners of the PLAISIR programme. This has been integrated into the inter-Regional platform CORSAIRE, part of the BiogenOuest network. A day of scientific presentations and exchanges between all interested members of the network on how isotopomics can add to a study of metabolomics in relation to health and nutrition is proposed.
Program of the CORSAIRE day (French)


9 (evening) - 11 October: SFIS young scientist symposium (8th)

The SFIS is holding the Eighth Scientific Days for Young Researchers during which young researchers have the opportunity to present orally their ongoing work in a friendly and relaxed environment. This meeting, held every 2 years allows young researchers who have either not yet defended their thesis or who did so in the last 5 years to come together, present and discuss their work with other researchers, including a number of invited expert senior scientists. Presentations from all projects in which isotopes have been used as a significant part of the study are invited.


12 October: International Workshop INTRA (5th)

After the first meeting of the INTRA Workshop in Nantes, France, in October 2013, further meetings have been held Tokyo (07/2014), Aix-en-Provence (11/2015) and Nantes (10/2016). The fifth Workshop will again take place in Nantes, on 12 October 2017, and will address the theme "Exploitation of intramolecular isotopic compositions and emerging techniques for their measurement".
The aim of this Workshop is to discuss the current state-of-the-art in the measurement of intramolecular isotopic fractionation: position-specific analysis (PSIA); methodology; different experimental systems in which PSIA should make a significant contribution to understanding; future needs.
In addition to these exchanges on recent developments, we shall present the conclusions reached by the three work-groups established at the first Workshop: (i) internal references for isotopic NMR; (ii) standards for isotopic MS and NMR; (iii) harmonisation of terminology.


All members of the organisation committee look forward to welcoming you to Nantes to partake in part of all of this week dedicated to isotopes in science!